How to Deal with a Leaking Patio Roofs

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A patio has the option to either be an attached or unattached structure on your property and can come in different styles and materials. For patios that both have roofs and is attached to your home, there is one issue that you will want to look out for. That issue would be leaking. This generally happens to patios whose roofs meet with the property’s roof.

When you have a general contractor work on your roof, you may end up with a structure that accumulates moisture and result in said leaking. Should this happen with your patio, there are different options that can help with this.

What’s Involved in Dealing with a Patio Roof Leak

Different types of patios may need different types of solutions when it comes to dealing with a leaking roof. The general process of dealing with this issue mainly involves having the roof cleared and the leaking spot cleared. It would also help to have supports temporarily installed to help ease the process. For different patio materials though, you will want to note the following:

For Wooden Roof

Leaks on a wood type patio roof can generally be found in the gap between the panels, which move during expansion and contraction. When sealing the leak source, you will want to use a caulking gun with a watertight polyurethane or oil-based sealant. Caulking or sealant is the best method of repair for gaps that are one inch or less. For the application process, you will want to apply the sealant in a smooth bead all the way along the gap. Press it in with a putty knife if it starts to ooze outward.

For Corrugated Roof

If you have a corrugated metal or plastic roof, you will want to check its joints for the source of the leak. The best solution you will want to use for this kind of material is a polyurethane sealant. It is recommended to have it applied around the bolt holes on the underside of the panels. Once this is done, you will want to paint over the sealant with water-resistant paint or varnish to blend the solution and prevent degradation.

For Fibreglass Roof

A leak on a fibreglass roof is generally due to a crack in the material. When this happens, you will want to clean the fibreglass around the crack thoroughly with acetone. Following this is having the area roughened with 200-grit sandpaper. Repair wise, a good method is to soften a cut-to-size patch of fibreglass “matting” with resin and paste it over the crack. After it is dried, sand it down level with the surface of the roof and apply a coat of clear gel to the area.

Another type of roofing you will want to look out for is vinyl. Compared to the other types of roofing, however, vinyl patio roofs generally only need proper vinyl glue for proper repair. If you want to either improve your roofing or have a quality repair, you will want to consider having a professional service group for hire.

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A patio can come in different forms and one of them is having it attached to your home. While it can be beneficial in terms of transition, one common problem that comes with it is the accumulation of moisture leading to a leak. When it comes to dealing with a leak on your patio roof, there are different solutions that you can go for depending on the type of material. The good thing with outdoor structures is that not only is there multiple options with its installation but also with its maintenance.