Do’s and Don’ts of Patio Maintanence

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Patios make for a convenient extension of your property with a variety of styles and materials that it can be built with. When constructed with a fitting design and material, you can be assured of a durable and stylish structure. Keeping in mind the proper maintenance of a patio to have it last longer and prevent any possible damages can also help. Maintenance, however, is more than a good cleaning and inspection of the structure. If you know what to note and what to avoid, your patio can gain more from it.

The Do’s

A good thing to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a patio is that while durable against plenty of elements, proper tending can help in the long run. Some of the top things that can help with this are the following:

Have a Cleaning Routine and be Careful with Washing

Having your patio cleaned at least once a year can help prevent any build-up of grime or mould. A good method for cleaning is to use deck cleaners to kill any mould or bacteria on your patio. After this, you should brush any dirty spots and use a regular garden hose to clean any mildew covered areas. The simpler method for cleaning would be a power wash. However, when doing a power wash, it is best to either be careful and call for professionals in order to avoid any possible accidental damage.

Repair Any Damage as Soon as Possible

If it is not affected by weather conditions then your patio can end up affected by aging. Wood expands and contracts as it ages, resulting in nails coming loose. In addition to this, boards might crack or warp. A routine inspection can help find any early-stage damages that can be quickly dealt with. When doing an inspection, it is advised to not ignore areas like railings and stairs. These areas can end up as safety hazards when untended damages weaken them. Overall, it is best to deal with any patio issues when it is still small.

Remove Debris Regularly

Debris generally includes any stray dirt or leaves that scatter about on your patio. While it may not seem much, a regular sweep can do a lot for a patio. If debris is left alone long enough, it can get trapped and create the perfect home for mould and rot. What’s more, foliage can leave behind stains on the surface when left to decay. When clearing out any debris, a simple sweep can be enough to avoid any accidental markings on your patio.

The Don’ts

There are different tips when it comes to maintaining a patio and avoiding any growth in damages. However, when it comes to having your patio last as long as possible, there are also some methods/factors you will want to ignore including the following:

Use Paint as a Sealant

While it may be tempting to have paint applied to your patio for a splash of colour most professionals would advise not to. With paint, it can result in a further need for maintenance as it can chip or flake over time. It is also easy for moisture to get trapped during priming and painting. This is why it is advised to seal your patio instead because stain simply fades over time and can be fixed with a new coat.

Use Chlorine Bleach

Having chlorine bleach can make for a convenient cleaning product in your home. However, it is not something you will want to use in cleaning your patio. This is because the cleaning solution can alter the colour of your deck or patio. If you want to use any cleaning solution for your patio for a deep clean, you will want to use milder options first. Once you work your way up to more suitable solutions, you have the option to use oxygen bleach as an alternative as it won’t wash out colours or harm plants, but it still should not be used on redwood.

Go Overboard with Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning can certainly help in different ways but there is a point when a patio may get worn for too much cleaning. To avoid any possible damages from things like power washing or chemical solutions, it is advised to either keep things simple or go for milder options. Otherwise, you can go for the option of choosing a professional service group to cover everything your patio may need.


Maintaining structures like a patio can be something that helps in the long run. Especially when you know what works and what doesn’t. If the labour may seem too much for you, you have the option to select a professional service group to inspect and deliver all patio needs. One such option is Mackay Landscaping.

With Mackay Landscaping, you can be assured of a budget-friendly service with professionals that you can consult to help with your patio. With different options available to you, you can be assured that there are many ways to have your patio last without early replacements.