Turf Laying Mackay

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Turf Laying Mackay

Mackay Landscaping is the leading company that offers turf laying services. We supply the best premium quality turf across the city. You can choose from our large selection of turfs that can prosper in any given situation. Don’t worry, our professional team will be the one to guide you in choosing the best turf for your environment.

There’s many reasons to consider getting turf laying done. A fresh lawn gives your home a relaxing ambiance. Outdoors will never be the same again, it will be more appealing and refreshing to spend your time with friends and family outdoors.

Laying turf allows you to enjoy the instat beauty in your lawn without having to experience the hassle and time-consuming process of seeding. Installing turf is a time-consuming job. People who have no experience in laying turf will have a hard time in accomplishing the job.

Mackay Landscaping architect caring for a garden with green grass



why choose us

Professional Workmanship

At Mackay Landscaping, we uphold a very high standard of workmanship and professionalism. All our builders, installers, and designers are experts in their field of work and have spent years of their lives developing innovative techniques and design - all to make your lives better.

Premium Materials & Tools

For all of our projects, we make sure that we only use premium and high-quality materials and products. We make sure to check everything we use to guarantee that they all comply with building standards around the world. We have also invested in state-of-the-art tools and equipment to improve our workflow.

Competitive Pricing Model

We have designed our pricing model so that we can help more people with our landscaping solutions. At the very core of our services is making sure that we work within your budget limits. We help you in exploring all available alternatives to bring down cost without compromising quality.


Our professional landscapers have gained enough skills from the years of experience in turf installation. Turf laying is complicated and must be done by experts. At Mackay Landscaping, we can guarantee that our landscapers will install it properly and accurately.

Measuring the Space

Before we start the turf laying project, our team will accurately measure the area where the turf will be laid.

Choose the Best Kind of Turf

Decide on the best type of turf that you will install.

Preparing the Soil

In preparing the soil, we make sure to eliminate drainage problems first. We will clean the area and remove rocks, large clods, and roots.

Installing the Turf

Turf will be installed immediately once delivered. Our landscapers will make sure that the turf is installed accurately. Gaps and overlaps will be avoided.


To keep the turf moist, it is recommended to water daily. The weather condition will also dictate the frequency and amount of watering. Turf should be moist in order to survive hot, windy, or dry days.

It is recommended to avoid heavy or concentrated use of your lawn for the first three weeks after installing it. This will ensure that the turfs will remain as smooth.


The fresh look of your lawn significantly increases the value of your property. As long as it is properly cared for, it will remain as one of the greatest assets in your home. Turf provides beauty in your backyard or garden, a clean playing area or surface, and it also improves the environment in your home.

To maintain your lawn, you have to mow often and remove more than ⅓ of the grass height. Make sure that your mower has a sharp blade.

Depending on the type of soil, turf type, climate, you might be needing fertilizers or chemicals from time to time.


You’ll never go wrong in deciding to work with our professional landscapers. With over years of existence in the market, we have been trusted by new and returning customers because of our proven track record of providing quality turf laying services.

Here at Mackay Landscaping, we only use the highest quality of materials to ensure that our customers will be satisfied.