Top Reasons and Fixes for the Yellow Patches on Your Lawn

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Lawn care and maintenance is a responsibility you have to manage to ensure that you can have a well-manicured and attractive outdoor space. However, after putting a lot of effort and money to maintain your vibrant and lush lawn, it might be disappointing to see unattractive yellow patches on it.

There can be a variety of reasons why lawns have yellow patches all over them. That is why some homeowners find it challenging to pinpoint the main cause and efficient fix for this problem. At Mackay Landscaping, we understand how hard it is to maintain outdoor areas and landscapes, so we will share the top reasons and fixes for the yellow patches on your yard. Look into the information we have curated so you can resolve your lawn problems quickly and effectively.

Cause #1: Excess Fertilizer

Although the grass and plants require fertilizer to grow well, too much of it can also cause damage and yellow patches on your lawn. Since most fertilizers contain nitrogen, these products can change the pH of the soil and burn the roots of the grass. If this happens, there can be discolouration in certain spots in your yard.


Fortunately, resolving yellow patches caused by overfertilizing is easy because you just have to eliminate the excess nitrogen build-up in the soil. This might sound like an elaborate process, but all you have to do is wash the mineral away using water. A preventive measure you can do to avoid overfertilizing again is by using natural compost or checking the mineral content in your preferred fertilizer. Follow the recommended amount by the manufacturer and only put fertilizer in your lawn when needed.

Cause #2: Pet Urine

Another cause of excess nitrogen build-up in the soil is animal urine. Pet urine, especially from dogs, is one of the main culprits in the discolouration in your lawn because it contains a high concentration of salt and nitrogen. Since dogs have habits, they may be doing their business on the same spot again and again. When this happens, your dog’s favourite spot can instantly have burns and yellow patches within weeks.


If you have pets, it is better to train them to do their business in different spots in your yard. Besides that, make sure that you immediately rinse off the urine using a hose to at least minimize the damage on your lawn. However, when you observe that the spot is bare and there is no more grass growing in that certain spot, it might be better to just cultivate the soil again. You can neutralize the damage to the soil by using the right fertilizer and mulch.

Cause #3: Lawn Disease

Certain varieties of grass are also susceptible to lawn diseases such as fungal infections, dollar spots, and nutrient deficiency. Once your grass is infected with a lawn disease, there can be noticeable discolouration, root rot or yellow patches. This can happen when the weather is warm and humid or when your lawn is exposed to excessive rain and frigid winter. If not addressed immediately, lawn diseases can quickly spread all over your lawn.


Since various lawn diseases can infect your yard, it is recommended that you consult a lawn expert as soon as you notice significant discolouration spots and burns. They can determine the main cause of infection and give you suitable treatment for it.